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Whether it's for a graduation, wedding, baby shower, or any other party, we have the perfect candies for you!

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Q: How much should I order per guest?

A: General rule of thumb is to account for approximately 4 oz. of candy per guest.

This means if you have:

50 guests: 12.5 pounds of candy

75 guests: 18.75 pounds of candy

100 guests: 25 pounds of candy

125 guests: 31.25 pounds of candy

150 guests: 37.50 pounds of candy

175 guests: 43.75 pounds of candy

200 guests: 50 pounds of candy

Q. How many different items should I include?

A: 5 items would make a nice a assortment; however, more items would certainly be lovely as well.


Candy Dishes on Tables at Reception or during Cocktail Hour

Q. I am planning on serving candy and nuts in candy dishes on the tables during a reception, how much do I need to order per person?

A. Approximately 2 oz. per person

Wedding Favor 2x2x2 Box Cheat Sheet 

Candy Type

Per 2x2x2 Box

Per Pound Bag/Box How Many Boxes can be filled
M&M's 90 500 2.62lb Bag 15
Jordan Almonds 15 110 10lb box 73
Jelly Belly Beans 75 400 10lb box 53
Hershey Kisses 11 92 25lb box  209
Champagne Bubbles 32 220 10lb box 68
Dutch Mints 36 210 10lb box 58 
Sixlets  125 540 10lb box  43
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