The Best Chocolate & Beer Pairing

If there’s one thing we absolutely love, it’s chocolate. There’s nothing quite like biting into a piece of your favorite chocolate with it’s rich, creamy, and decadent flavor. As tasty as chocolate is on its own, there are various other foods and beverages you can pair it with that will enhance its flavor profile even more. You’ve all probably seen chocolate paired with fruit or wine, but we bet there aren’t too many of you that have considered pairing chocolate with beer. Beer? That’s right, we said pairing chocolate with beer. If you think about it, what could be bad? If you happen to have some general knowledge of beer tasting, you may have heard that some beers feature coffee or chocolate notes in their flavor profiles, so it’s no wonder beer would pair well with chocolate. But that doesn’t mean grabbing any chocolate and beer will do. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your beer and chocolate pairing selections.

It’s All About Balance

Basically, keep your sweeter beers paired with your sweeter chocolate and your more bitter beers with your more bitter chocolates. The number one thing to keep in mind here is that your beer should always be slightly less bitter than your chocolate. For example, a tart citrusy beer would be a great match for a darker chocolate and stouts pair well with semisweet chocolate.

Set Sour Ales Aside

If sour ales are your thing, that’s great. They just tend to not pair very well with chocolate due to their high level of acidity. You’d have to pair your sour ale with a very dark chocolate that has a high percentage of cacao. We’re talking 90%+cacao here. If you’ve never tried chocolate that dark, most people would compare it to chowing down on a very bitter, unsweetened variety. Yeah, not really what you had in mind, right? Anyway, go ahead and try it if you want. You don’t have anything to lose by experimenting!

Speaking of Experimenting…

Although there are certainly recommended beer and chocolate pairings that the majority will tend to favor, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own interesting combinations. Everyone’s tastes are different and if you have a favorite chocolate and a favorite beer, try them together regardless of what the pairing “rules” say. You never know, you might discover something great! Or at the very least, a great way to gross out your friends.

Want To Get It Right The First Time?

If you’re not a fan of experimenting with beer and chocolate pairing, not to worry. There are some tried and true pairings that we know you’ll love. Give some of these a try:

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