Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix-In Ideas

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is coming up on August 4th and it’s got us super excited to do some serious baking. It’s also got us thinking about all of the different types of chocolate chip cookies we can make. In addition to traditional milk chocolate chips, there are other chip flavors and even chip alternatives that make for sweet and delicious cookies everyone is sure to love. Here are a few of our favorite chocolate chip substitutions, that although their not technically chips, we think would be perfect to include in your cookies for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.


Reese’s Pieces

Peanut butter lovers will surely flip when they bite into a freshly baked cookie featuring Reese’s Pieces candies. Their rich peanut butter flavor is the perfect accompaniment to the lightly sweet and buttery cookie.

Reese's Pieces


M&M’s may not seem terribly different from milk chocolate chips, but their candy shell gives chocolate chip cookie a delightful crunch that is the perfect complement to a soft-baked cookie. Plus, their bright colors add a fun and festive flair that truly outshines plain chocolate chips.


English Toffee

Toffee is an absolutely delicious treat on its own, but inside a fresh-baked cookie, it’s heaven on Earth. The smooth, buttery flavor of the toffee blends perfectly with its rich chocolate coating and it all melts ever so slightly inside of the cookie for a delectable treat that can’t be beat.

English Toffee

Dark Chocolate Hostess Mints

Chocolate and mint is a classic combination that is sure to bring some added pizzazz to your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. Simply chop up the mints into smaller chunks, add them to your favorite cookie recipe, and enjoy a sweet refreshing treat!

Dark Chocolate Hostess Mints
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