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  • Our Favorite White Chocolate Treats

    White chocolate is an often overlooked treat by many because it’s not actually chocolate. But this certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not absolutely delicious! Not only do we love white chocolate, but we think the spring season is the perfect time for enjoying white chocolate confections. They go great with all of the spring holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day, and graduation. Plus, they add a certain bright and cheerful look to any occasion, unlike their milk and dark chocolate counterparts. Below are some of our favorite white chocolate treats we know you’ll love. Give them a try today! Continue reading

  • Kosher For Passover Dessert Recipes

    Passover is upon us and many of us are either hosting a seder of our own or attending one at a family member’s or friend’s house. Either way, you’ll certainly need to have some sweet kosher for Passover desserts on hand for your meal, as well as to last you throughout the week. It used to be that Passover recipes, especially dessert recipes, were known to be dry, tasteless concoctions that nobody actually liked. But these days, delicious kosher for Passover recipes can be found just about anywhere. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started. Continue reading

  • 3 Sweet Easter Desserts With 3 Ingredients Or Less

    Easter is almost here, and if you’re still thinking about what kind of dessert you’re going to make for your celebration, we’ve got you covered! At this point, you’re probably feeling a little bit behind in your holiday preparations so we’ve decided to make things super easy for you with three sweet dessert dishes that all require three ingredients or less! So while you may be stressing about what outfits your family will wear, where to hide all those pesky plastic eggs, or what to serve for dinner, at least you can take comfort in knowing dessert is under control. Continue reading

  • The Best Bubble Gum For Baseball

    Spring has sprung and baseball season is officially underway. Whether you're a baseball player yourself, a proud ballpark parent or a coach, there’s one thing we know you all need… Bubble gum! There’s something about bubble gum that makes it simply impossible to play or enjoy taking in a baseball game without it. Royal Candy Company has your bubble gum game covered all season long and here are a few of our favorite selections. Continue reading

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