• The Best Bubble Gum For Baseball

    Spring has sprung and baseball season is officially underway. Whether you're a baseball player yourself, a proud ballpark parent or a coach, there’s one thing we know you all need… Bubble gum! There’s something about bubble gum that makes it simply impossible to play or enjoy taking in a baseball game without it. Royal Candy Company has your bubble gum game covered all season long and here are a few of our favorite selections. Continue reading

  • 5 Best Snacks for Baseball Games

    5 Best Snacks for Baseball GamesBatter up! Baseball season is finally here! There’s nothing better than taking in a ballgame on a beautiful day, whether you’re at your favorite team’s stadium or your local little league field. But let’s face it, baseball isn’t the fastest sport around, so if you’re going to be spending your day watching all nine innings, you’re going to need some snacks! Hitting the concession stand for something to eat can be disastrous for your wallet, but we have a solution! You can purchase many of your favorite ballpark snacks right here at Royal Candy Company for a fraction of the cost of buying them at the game! Before the umpire shouts “play ball!”, you can hit a home run with these awesome game day snacks. Continue reading

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