Best Valentine’s Day Candy For Guys

Guys can be tough to buy gifts for no matter what the occasion is. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, ist extra tough finding the perfect gift for a special guy. Some may argue that Valentine’s Day isn't really for guys, that guys don’t need to receive Valentine’s Day gifts, blah, blah, blah. We strongly disagree! Although most guys don’t want traditional cheesy red and pink, heart-shaped Valentine’s Day gifts, that doesn’t mean they don’t want something sweet and thoughtful from their significant other. So what do you get your guy for Valentine’s Day? Candy of course! But not just any old candy. Candy that any guy is sure to love almost as much as he loves you!

Gummi Spicy Mangos

Want to spice things up for your man this Valentine’s Day? Give him the gift of Gummi Spicy Mangos. They're the perfect combination of spicy and sweet just like your guy!

Vidal Spicy Mangos

Chocolate Cigars

Regardless of whether or not your guy smokes cigars, he’s sure to love indulging in these decadent milk chocolate cigars that look so much like the real deal. He can gobble them all up at once, enjoy one here and there, or maybe he’ll even share a few with you!

Thompson Milk Chocolate Cigars

Gummy Burgers

If your guy is a fan of a good burger, he’ll love these sweet gummy burgers! These burgers are individually wrapped so they’re as portable as his favorite take-out meal and they’re packed full of rhubarb, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and gooseberry flavors for a taste he won’t be able to resist.

Efruitti Gummy Burger Wrapped

Chuckles Theater Box

If your guy loves making you laugh and enjoys a good joke or two, then Chuckles are the treats for him. Chuckles are sugar-coated jelly candies in cherry, lemon, licorice, orange, and lime flavors, and their theater style box is the perfect size for a movie night, car ride snack, or lunchbox treat.

Chuckles Theater Box

Sugar Daddy

You guy may not actually be a sugar daddy, but surely he’s as sweet as the candy version! Sugar Daddy pops are the best way to show your guy how sweet you think he really is. This sweet caramel treat simply can’t be beat and it’s also a great gift to give your guy from the kids.

Sugar Daddy
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