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  • New Year, New Candy!

    New Year, New Candy!As the New Year approaches, many of us begin to make resolutions to better ourselves, work on relationships with others, and to try new things. As it turns out, we can help you out with that last one! At Royal Candy Company, a new year for us means new candy. Although we’re constantly adding new items to our inventory, we thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce you to some of our new items for 2017. We’ve also selected some treats to share with you that were new to us in 2016 that you may have missed out on. So while they’re not new to the market, they’ll be new to you! So what are you waiting for? Get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolution to try new things today! Continue reading

  • Recipes for Leftover Candy Canes

    Recipes for Leftover Candy CanesBefore Christmas is even over, you’re most likely in the process of digging yourself out from underneath a gigantic pile of candy canes. You’ve gotten them from the office, attached to gifts you’ve received, your kids have brought them home from school and even the Santa at the mall has handed you a few sweet peppermint treats. So what the heck do you do with them all once Christmas has come and gone? Well, you could toss them in the trash, but that would be awfully wasteful. You could try giving them away to friends and family. Good luck with that! They’re as bogged down with candy canes as you are! So what should you do? Eat them of course! What’s that you say? You’re tired and bored of eating candy canes since you’ve been crunching on them for the last month? Bah humbug! Although there’s nothing wrong with snacking on a plain old candy cane, below are a few of our favorite candy cane recipes that will help you mix things up a bit so you can enjoy candy canes once again and dwindle down the pile you’ve been accumulating all season. Enjoy! Continue reading

  • Top 5 Candy Gifts for the Holidays

    Top 5 Candy Gifts for the HolidaysHoliday shopping can really become a chore when you have no idea what someone on your list likes or wants. It seems as though almost every year, we all end up needing a gift for a co-worker we don’t know very well, a gift exchange where we don’t know who will end up with our gift, our child’s teacher we’ve just met or a hostess gift for a friend or family member. Not only do we never know what these people like or want, but we also need to be mindful of the appropriateness of our gifts when it comes to co-workers and teachers. Ugh! When did gift giving become so complicated? The thing is, it doesn’t have to be! In the over 25 years that Royal Candy Company has been selling sweets and treats, we’ve never seen someone unhappy to have received the gift of candy, no matter who they received it from or what the occasion. This is why we truly believe that candy and chocolate can be your go-to gift when you’re in a bind. It’s also doesn’t hurt to keep a little something sweet on hand for those last minute gift-giving emergencies. With over 4,000 delicious candies and chocolates on our website, there is certainly no shortage of sweet gifts to choose from, but we’ve narrowed this list down to our top five favorites that we know anyone would love to receive this holiday season. Continue reading

  • Best Candies for Your Gingerbread House

    Best Gingerbread House CandiesOne of our favorite Christmas traditions of all time is constructing a delicious candy-covered gingerbread house. There’s just something about the warm, spicy smell of gingerbread baking that truly signals the start of the holiday season. But more importantly, building and decorating a gingerbread house is often a group effort that gathers friends and loved ones, young and old, around the table to work together to create a delectable masterpiece. At Royal Candy Company, we know the options are endless when it comes to choosing great candies to decorate your gingerbread house because we carry over 4,000 candy products on our website! This year, get creative and think outside the box when it comes to choosing your gingerbread house candies. We know you won’t be disappointed! Here are a few of our gingerbread house candy recommendations to help you get started. Continue reading

  • Christmas Candy Buffet Ideas

    Christmas Candy BuffetThere really isn’t a better way to experience the colors and sweetness of the holiday season than with a beautiful, festive candy buffet. They’re the perfect addition to corporate holiday parties, kid’s holiday events, and even small family gatherings in your own home. Candy buffets also double as a fun decorative display and the candies on the buffet will easily withstand hours of sitting out on the table to last through your entire party. You certainly can’t say that about too many other desserts! Now granted many of these candy buffets may look expensive and incredibly difficult to create, the opposite is actually true. With a little bit of creativity and outstanding candy prices from Royal Candy Company, you can create a wonderful Christmas candy buffet of your own that will be remembered through the new year to come! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas candy buffet ideas. Continue reading

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