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  • Sweet Candy Themed Teacher Gifts

    As another school year comes to a close, most of us are either planning graduation parties, making treats for end of year classroom celebrations or purchasing gifts for grads. Maybe you’re even doing all three! In all of the crazy commotion that the end of the school year brings, it’s easy to forget to treat the most important people to something sweet… our teachers! Without teachers, our children wouldn’t have been able to achieve such amazing things in such a short period of time. There’s no time like the end of the year to show your teachers how much you appreciate the time, effort and dedication they’ve put into shaping your child’s future. Here are some sweet ways you can thank them for all of their hard work this year. Continue reading

  • Sweet Ice Cream Treats

    With Memorial Day just around the corner as the unofficial start of summer, it’s got us thinking about one thing in particular… ice cream! We love ice cream, especially in the summertime. Summer and ice cream are practically synonymous. Think of all the summer days spent at your local ice cream shop’s window, chasing the ice cream truck down the street, and enjoying a cool ice cream treat after a long, hot day of outdoor activities. As much as we love traditional ice cream cones and sundaes, we also love exploring other creative ice cream desserts. This way, we get to enjoy ice cream all summer long in tons of different ways! Here are a few of our favorite ice cream dessert recipes we’ve come across recently that we think will make your summer extra sweet. Continue reading

  • Graduation Candy Buffet Ideas

    The sweetest thing you can have at any graduation party is definitely a candy buffet. They’re perfect for graduates and guest of all ages. They make for a sweet way to serve dessert. They double as a fun and interactive party favor. Not to mention your candy options are truly endless! You can choose your candy buffet candies based on the graduate's favorite treats, go with school colors, or simply choose popular crowd pleasers! One of our favorite ways to choose candy buffet candies is by theme, which of course in this scenario is graduation! So here are a few of our favorite graduation candy buffet ideas. Continue reading

  • Celebrate 20 Years of SpongeBob

    One of our favorite cartoons of all-time is SpongeBob Squarepants, and we’re not alone. Tons of kids, and adults too, absolutely love the iconic yellow sponge with the slightly obnoxious laugh. Believe it or not, SpongeBob is celebrating 20 years of television stardom and we couldn’t possibly be more excited. So how do you celebrate such an iconic TV legend? With candy of course! But not just any candy, SpongeBob Squarepants candy! Here are a few of our favorites you should stock up on for your next SpongeBob Squarepants marathon. Continue reading

  • Our Favorite White Chocolate Treats

    White chocolate is an often overlooked treat by many because it’s not actually chocolate. But this certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not absolutely delicious! Not only do we love white chocolate, but we think the spring season is the perfect time for enjoying white chocolate confections. They go great with all of the spring holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day, and graduation. Plus, they add a certain bright and cheerful look to any occasion, unlike their milk and dark chocolate counterparts. Below are some of our favorite white chocolate treats we know you’ll love. Give them a try today! Continue reading

  • Kosher For Passover Dessert Recipes

    Passover is upon us and many of us are either hosting a seder of our own or attending one at a family member’s or friend’s house. Either way, you’ll certainly need to have some sweet kosher for Passover desserts on hand for your meal, as well as to last you throughout the week. It used to be that Passover recipes, especially dessert recipes, were known to be dry, tasteless concoctions that nobody actually liked. But these days, delicious kosher for Passover recipes can be found just about anywhere. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started. Continue reading

  • 3 Sweet Easter Desserts With 3 Ingredients Or Less

    Easter is almost here, and if you’re still thinking about what kind of dessert you’re going to make for your celebration, we’ve got you covered! At this point, you’re probably feeling a little bit behind in your holiday preparations so we’ve decided to make things super easy for you with three sweet dessert dishes that all require three ingredients or less! So while you may be stressing about what outfits your family will wear, where to hide all those pesky plastic eggs, or what to serve for dinner, at least you can take comfort in knowing dessert is under control. Continue reading

  • The Best Bubble Gum For Baseball

    Spring has sprung and baseball season is officially underway. Whether you're a baseball player yourself, a proud ballpark parent or a coach, there’s one thing we know you all need… Bubble gum! There’s something about bubble gum that makes it simply impossible to play or enjoy taking in a baseball game without it. Royal Candy Company has your bubble gum game covered all season long and here are a few of our favorite selections. Continue reading

  • Spring Flower Dessert Recipes

    It’s been officially spring for about a week now, and although we’re still waiting for the appearance of some spring-like weather, we can certainly help things along with some sweet spring desserts! That’s why this week we’ve decided to share some beautiful flower-themed spring dessert recipes with you! This way, you can start spreading the beauty of the season even if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. Continue reading

  • All About American Chocolate Week

    If there’s one thing Americans can’t seem to get enough of, it’s chocolate. Dark, milk, white, solid, melted, or baked, we all love to indulge in delicious chocolate treats. In fact, according to, Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate every year. That’s a whopping 11 pounds of chocolate per person! With a love of chocolate this strong, it’s no wonder there’s a national holiday that allows us to pay tribute to our favorite sweet treat! Continue reading

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