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  • Best Candies for Making S'mores

    Best Candies for Making S'moresSummer is finally here and outdoor activities are in full swing! There’s nothing like spending a beautiful summer day lounging by the pool or sunbathing at the beach. Or maybe you prefer a nice hike in the woods and a relaxing camping trip. No matter what your summer activities include, we’re pretty sure they all have one thing in common… They almost always end with everyone gathered around a blazing fire making s’mores! There’s just something about being outdoors with friends and family enjoying these sweet gooey treats that brings back memories of simpler times. As much we we love traditional s’mores made with graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallow, there are a TON of other chocolate candies that make absolutely scrumptious s’mores. Below are some of our favorites we think you ought to try this summer. Continue reading

  • DIY Candy Fidget Spinners

    DIY Candy Fidget Spinners!It seems like everywhere you see a kid today, there’s a fidget spinner close by. Manufacturers of fidget spinners claim that the toys can help kids who have trouble focusing by easing stress and releasing nervous energy. They consist of a ball bearing inside the center of a design made from a variety of materials ranging from brass to plastic. But the fidget spinners that have captured our attention are made from a much sweeter material… candy! Continue reading

  • The History of Salt Water Taffy

    The History of Salt Water TaffyBeing a business located in New Jersey, Royal Candy Company is well aware of the importance and popularity of salt water taffy to our customers here on the East Coast. All you have to do is take a trip to the Jersey Shore, or any shore for that matter, and you’ll be surrounded by this sticky sweet taffy treat. Where did salt water taffy get it’s start and how did it become such an integral component to our summertime shore celebrations? We’re so glad you asked! Continue reading

  • Spice Up Your Candy Collection!

    Sweet HeatRetro candy, sour candy, healthy candy. There’s always a new trend to explore when it comes to candy. So what’s coolest new trend to hit the wide world of candy at the moment? Well as it turns out, the cool new trend is actually pretty hot. Hot and spicy that is! It used to be that consumers wanted super sour, lip puckering candy. Now consumers are demanding that candy manufacturers bring the heat when it comes to introducing new candy creations. From hot cinnamon to chili pepper infused treats, the hotter and spicier a candy is, the better! Continue reading

  • Sweet Gift Basket Treats!

    Sweet Gift Basket Treats!Whether you need a gift for a special occasion or to cheer up someone during a time of need, a gift basket is the perfect way to go! Gift baskets always look super impressive because they’re filled to the brim with all kinds of sweet gifts and wrapped up in all sorts of baskets. We also think they’re really fun to open. Instead of tearing into one wrapped gift, when you open a gift basket, there are multiple fun treasures to discover! Some of our favorite things to add to gift baskets are candies and snacks, because they’re things that everyone loves. You can even fill your entire basket with these items! They’re also a great accompaniment to other items you may want to put into your gift basket. So if you’re looking for sweet treats for a gift basket you’d like to make, here are some of our favorite suggestions. Continue reading

  • End The School Year On A Sweet Note

    End The School Year On A Sweet NoteDuring the school year, things can be so busy and hectic that it’s tough to take in all of the sweet experiences that took place along the way. So with another school year about to come to a close, you have the perfect opportunity to help end it on a sweet note at your child’s end of year party. Instead of sending your kid to class with a boring box of donut holes to hand out to the class, try making one of these sweet DIY candy gifts instead! Continue reading

  • How To Create Colorful Candy Kabobs

    How To Create Colorful Candy KabobsWe all know that any special occasion can be made even more sweet with candy, but don’t just toss some of your favorite treats into candy dishes and call it a day. That’s no fun! Make your candy more fun, eye catching and easier to eat by putting it on a stick! That’s right we said candy on a stick, otherwise known as candy kabobs! We LOVE candy kabobs here at Royal Candy Company. They look amazing displayed on candy buffets and dessert tables, they’re super easy for your guest to eat as they enjoy your party, and if you buy your candy from us, they’re incredibly affordable! For kid’s parties, you can have the kids make their own candy kabobs so they’ll have an activity to keep them busy and a sweet treat to take home. We truly believe you can’t go wrong with candy kabobs for any occasion so here are some sweet tips to help you get started on creating your own colorful candy kabobs. Continue reading

  • Product Spotlight: Belgian Milk Chocolate Roses!

    Belgian Milk Chocolate RosesWe have a pretty sweet new treat here at Royal Candy Company. Emphasis on the pretty AND the sweet! Continue reading

  • DIY Candy Mother’s Day Gifts

    DIY Candy Mother's Day GiftsMother’s Day is almost here and it’s time that you gave your mom (or other special mom figure in your life) something sweet to show her just how much she means to you. One mistake a lot of people make is assuming that moms want something expensive and flashy for Mother’s Day. While this may be true for some moms, we find that most moms just want to receive a thoughtful gift from the heart. That’s where Royal Candy Company comes in! We’ve gathered some sweet candy-inspired DIY gifts that are easy to make, affordable, and that are sure to put a smile on any mom’s face on Mother’s Day. Plus, you’ll find all of the candy you need for your gifts all in one spot….! Continue reading

  • Pucker Up For These Super Sour Candies

    Sour CandiesOne of the hottest trends in the candy world right now is sour candy. Not just any old sour candy though. Lip-puckering, tear-jerking, face-scrunching super sour candies! Sour candy has always been popular, but recently consumers have been demanding that candy manufacturers produce a particular kind of sour candy: sour candy that is far more sour than any other candy previously available. Luckily for you sour candy fans out there, manufacturers have delivered in a big way and Royal Candy Company is here to bring you the biggest and best selection of sour candies! Wondering which sour candies are worth trying? Personally, we think all of them are, but here are five of the most sour candies on the market today. Continue reading

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